Skillshare is my favourite platform whenever I want to learn a new skill. They have great classes about everything! From video editing to Photoshop, lettering and anything else! If you are interested in design and lettering please check out at least the classes from Jessica Hische and Aaron Draplin!

The Futur

Everything and Anything by Chris Do is GOLD! There is just so much to learn there. All other resources nowadays are just "getting inspired" by The Futur's content. On top of all the free content, they have amazing courses, workshops and templates. Really recommend!




Flodesk is my Email Marketing tool of choice! It is so easy to set up and the templates are gorgeous! They offer a fixed price that will not go up when your audience grows - which I think is very smart!
The good news is that I have a discount code for you! You will get 50% off your Flodesk subscription if you use my link to sign up. Just click here. :)

social Media Planning


By far the easiest and best way to plan your Instagram Feed!

Pinterest Planning


Tailwind is the tool of choice when it comes to Pinterest! It makes it really easy to pin, re-pin, schedule, and loop your content! Pinterest can be a very powerful source of traffic, and once you set up some automations you don't have to "show up" very often, Tailwind will do the hard work for you.




I have used different banks for my business account but N26 is by far the best I have tried. Easy to set up, you can add extra accounts to manage your cash and savings. You will also get some $ if you use this link. :)

Shoppinc Cart

Thrive Cart

Such an easy way to get payed! You can chose between one time payments or payment plans. You don't need to learn the platform since it is very intuitive. With ThriveCart you can offer upsells, bumps, downsells and many more options. They are also launching their online courses platform, so this will be a game changer for a one time fee!



Moyo Studio

Beautiful mockups and stock images that will upgrade your presentations. No more of the ugly and unrealistic mockups!



I have quit my Adobe subscription and switched to Affinity in 2019. It means I saved about 1.400 Eur just in the first two years of this amazing decision. I don't miss one single thing (well, maybe I do miss a live tracing here and there, but we have alternatives for that!). The Price is not the only argument for Affinity. I love to use the Software on my iPad, it gives me great flexibility. No more software crashing, no more lots of small apps for the iPad, no more fix costs... Sounds pretty awesome to me!


web Platform


I am so glad I found Webflow. Finally, I am able to put into practice all my design ideas even without any programming experience. The interface of Webflow reminds me a lot of my design software and it makes my learning process as a designer a lot smoother. So happy I don't have to touch WordPress ever again.



My hosting recommendation! Support is awesome and you get everything you need with All-Inkl.!


Project Management tool


This one is just my LIFE! Or better said, my BRAIN! Everything I want to track, brainstorm, plan and organize is right there. Much superior to Trello and much less hassle than Notion. Asana is just perfect for my needs and I guess it could solve your problems too!