Website Checklist

Here are the 5 things (+1 extra) you need to have on your website to make people trust you and stick around.Potential clients won’t be looking around to find the information they need (Instead they will just leave). It is YOUR job to make your website easy to navigate and irresistible to your visitors. That being said...

...let’s get started!

1. Clear Brand Identity

Build trust with your audience by implementing your brand consistently across all pages. Ask yourself: Is your logo legible? Also in your mobile version?Is it clear what your website is all about? Are you using a consistent color pallet? Are all the visual elements (pictures, illustrations, icons) aligned with your brand aesthetic?

2. Clear Offer

Very often small business owners “forget” to make a clear offer leading to a poorly converting website. Ask yourself:What are your offers? Do you offer products or services? Or both? Is it clear how you package those offers?Do you work 1:1 or with groups? Have you ever thought about a product ladder with S, M and L offers? Do you have any “passive” products?

3. Customer Journey

Of course, people need to know the details about your products or services but what you are selling are emotions and solutions (and not a list with technical specifications). Your main selling point should be the solution for a problem and how you will make them feel after they overcome that challenge. So, before you describe how many pages/participants/ rounds of revision/ or anything like that, go ahead and share what their outcome could look like. Show them the Before and after!

4. About Me Page

Ok, most websites have already an about page but do you really know how to write it? Spoiler Alert: It is NOT just about you - it is about them!So take the chance and show your personality but don’t forget to mention how you can help your target audience. This page gives you a great opportunity to build trust and connect with your audience.

5. Email Opt-in

I know, I know... Most people are not super excited about starting a newsletter but the question is: What is the alternative?Email Marketing is still the best way to reach out to your tribe! No matter if you have a YouTube Channel, Podcast, Blog, Vlog, Instagram, or any other Social Media account...What would you do if your Social Media channel of choice blocks your account? Or if you just lost your access to it? All those platforms are getting more crowded over time and fewer people will be seeing your content - so you need a better alternative to communicate with them.

6. Call-To-Actions

Please don’t forget to place clear Call-to-Actions in different session on your website. You could add one CTA “above the fold” (the first session of your homepage), or you could add another one in your footer. Depending on how long your page is you may find other good places for it. Call to Actions will guide and invite your website visitors to take action - so please check those out in order to provide a better navigation and conversion rate.Keep your goals in mind!

I’m Ana Luiza and with my studio I help creative businesses develop their brand through strategic design. My goal is to help you make a greater impact while doing something you truly love. That is also my path and I would love to share my experiences with you.If you don’t want to go on this journey alone, I’d love to help you grow your business and develop your online presence.I created this guide to help you get maximum results from your current website and I hope you enjoyed it!If you have any questions, please let me know!You can always reach me here:

Talk to you soon,
Ana Luiza